About Marvelous

Marvelous Flotea company Ltd. is registerd under the companies Ordinance (Cap.212)and the Company is Limitied we do traditional creative products adopted for modern homes and fashion. Marvelous is a members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), who have been working to change lives in Tanzania for over 22 years to create textile which are featuring our Tanzania traditional African designs motif.

1. Community Impact

We are involved support our community by offering training, skills training to the marginalized. Being a far trade organization member WFTO. It is our commitment to help our community to create better living and environment.Marvelous is the company which encompasses creative textiles with beauty sector along with food processing activities aiming on job creation for women and youth. Marvelous goal is improving women businesses and families.Marvelous supports the artisans to make a difference to the community. Artisans wages helps them to pay (for home expenses), school fees for the children.

Why we do;

- Almost 68 percent of the population living below $1.25 a day (UNDP, 2013)

- Each woman supports an average of 8 dependents

- The maternal mortality ratio in the country is 460 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births.(2012)

- 87 percent of the rural working age population was employed in the agricultural sector with self-employment in agriculture being the most common type of employment, in particular among rural women (81 %, compared to 74 % of men) (FAO, 2013a)

2.Product Development Process

Marvelous intends to start our new production/center in order to support product development and new product training for the small producers. Our aim is to create more jobs and sustainable business. Our products are made of sustainable cotton and recycle material into beautiful home accessories.

3.Women and youth Making Products

Our unique products are designed and produced within our workshop. The women also (our training groups) take their work home with them where they have the freedom to work at their convenience, and bring them back for selling.

4. Design and Production Techniques

When a new product has been created or a new technique used, training workshops are held to ensure high quality and to assist skill sharing among producers.