A call to support artisans

Marvelous goal is improving women businesses and family. We are involved support our community by offering training, skills training to the marginalised. Being a far trade organization member WFTO. It is our dute and commitment to help our community to create better living and environment.
Marvelous intending start our new production/center in order to support product development and new product training for the small producers. Our aim is to create more jobs and sustainable business.

"When I met Marvelous I was inspired by the training which offered to me. I'm housewife of three children and the skills I was given helped me to support my family on food, school fees and I get peace of mind. I'm proud to be different person in my area. They call me to decorate the weddings with my accessories. I work hard while at home and I'm free to work with company and same time I can do tailor made product on my own hand and I get good pay. Marvelous sponsored me to another company to learn and get new experience and exposure. The knowledge and money I got from work make me to be confidence. Now, I'm a teacher to other women groups in the area and I was just standard 7 level. I'm proud of who I am now, and I have freedom to decide to my life and my family." Sifa Koba Marvelous artisan

Call for volurnteer support.

Marvelous has expanded her activities to support more business to be created your support of volunteer your skills could be a great hand of help such as women's development, economic empowerment, community development, exchange skills, sharing experience and cultures and non-profit management.

We are looking for innovative and creative people who would like to share their skills in order to bring new ideas, product development, marketing, new technology aspect as well as learning. This kind of giving us a hand of help to our marginalised people especially women and youth in our community. Become volunteer for Marvelous and make a huge difference in someone's life which live under $1 per day! Please share other people about our needs.

Intern with us.

Marvelous would like to intense from all over the world and in this area. Interns select a focus in the following areas: Sales and Marketing, Fundraising and Development, Operations, Social Impact Assessment, and Product Development and Design. Likewise, we are also looking for interns who have a unique and relevant skill set, such as photography, or a specific project in mind. We accept the interns Tanzanian throughout the world. These placements provide an opportunity for those in university, post- and career changers to explore the internal operations of a non-profit organization as well as international development issues.
Marvelous interns are encouraged to give at least one presentation of their experiences and observations to their school or community upon their return. You're welcome to apply!!

IMG_2985.JPG”Now, I study in University od Dar es salaam and I work here as Internship. I knew this company when I went to Art festival at Dar es salaam. I became fan of this company because products was very cute and high quality!!, and I took a pamphlet then. After four months, I thought "I want to know how to make textile product!" and I visited with pamphlet and asked mama Flotea. After I explained what I want to do, She accepted me. Since that time, I learn how to make product, but I'm left to make website page of Marvelous. Every workers are very charming and take care for me every time. What I was surprised is that I can eat a delicious lunch one of worker cooks here. As I asked Flotea, She said to me "Workers can't work hard, if they worry about food. But If there is a delicious and healthy food, they can work hard because they get enegy from food. And that's why they provide quality products because they love and enjoy the job."
IMG_4144.JPGI was impressed, and she continued, "To keep health is very important for work, I am responsible to support them." It is important to keep health to workers especially this country. I get good opportunity to get skills, create new product from recycle denim and Kitenge scraps, to learn how to use waste materials which result to clean our environment. Also to output my experience,and exchange our ideas!!"
Machiko Saito from Japan