What we think

Flotea learnt about the health benefits of Moringa 2000 when her daugher got big car accident and lose her weight and big injuries. because of getting immune and back to normal health. Flotea learnt about the power healing a moringa and was immediately excited about its potential to enhance the well being especially of rural communities in Tanzania. We have since been working on different families and people who have special health problems. We share ideas of propagating and found outcome was very effective. Moringa.

Why moringa?
Because of the needs a communities, We started to develop process and market highly nutritional value food to improve quality of life for children and the under-privileged majority of the society in Tanzania.
This includes:
・Children from poor families who cannot afford proper nutritional food on a regular basis.
・Communities from areas where quality food production is a challenge.
・Countries where majority of the population are facing food shortage, especially crisis and disaster zone areas.

The project therefore seeks to empower the women by allowing them to play an active role in improving the health of their families in a cost effective way and hence reducing malnutrition. Besides this, the project intends to explore ways in which the processing of Moringa could also create employment and income earning opportunities for the women in the community by selling the excess.

If successful, we are writing a Moringa book and could be an inspiration for other women in other communities in Tanzania to either use these recipes or even develop new ones based on their local cuisine. The project could therefore easily become a pilot project that could be replicated in the different regions of Tanzania.